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Posted 15th March 2021

Welcome back from Miss Smith

Welcome back 2

Dear Students, Families, Staff and Community.

Well done to everyone for doing so well this week as we have returned to school.  It is fantastic to see school alive and vibrant again with all students in Y7-13 having returned to school by Thursday.  There have been so many highlights and I feel lucky to be able to update you on life at Beckfoot Oakbank this week. 

First the Testing!  The school dance studio has been taken over and is now our Covid Testing centre.  I have been overwhelmed by the maturity of every child in school who has been for their test.  As I write Y9-13 have had their second one as well!  There has been no fuss, the students have been calm, organised, supportive of one another and really respectful of the process.  I could not have wished for a more fantastic group of kids this week!  Just to say to parents thank you so much for your support with this.  It means so much to the whole community.  The Covid testing team which is made up of our Health Care Leaders, Science Technicians, other Technicians, Nurses and Library and Admin colleagues have been a slick operation.  We can't thank them enough.

Attendance in school this week has been the best that it has been during this academic year.  It just shows that our students love school, have missed it and can't wait to get back!  Face to face lessons started again on Tuesday 9th March and it has been lovely to actually see all our young people in person instead of them being behind a screen.  There are some interesting hair 'do's from both students and staff as hairdressers remain closed!  With shops also closed in the main, school has been supporting families who have had access to uniform problems because as teenagers do, you have all grown during this latest lockdown!  Any families needing help with uniform in anyway please get in touch.  

This afternoon we have celebrated with those students who have recently won 4 star badges due to the number of positive stamps that they have. Others have won certificates and vouchers for competitions including 'My perfect University'.  There were cakes and drinks to be had too!  It was a privileged to be with these students today and I look forward to being able to see more of you soon - keep clocking up the stamps!

School has felt very calm and safe this week as all staff and students have followed out risk assessment and student absolutes.  Everyone has felt reassured as a result. Wearing of masks in classroom was going to be quite a challenge but the students have been brilliant at doing this and through tutor time sessions they understand why.  We have got the student wellbeing survey results and the Well Being Team are busy actioning what you have said and talking to those of you who need it.  Anyone who needs support please let the wellbeing team know. 

I am pleased to report school enrichment activities resume on Monday 15th March with a full programme advertised on our school website.  Get involved!  From Football to Art club to Musical Theatre there is something for everyone.  Community lettings will resume from after the Easter holiday, and we will be in touch with groups who would like to use the facilities. 

With 2 weeks to go before the Easter holiday I hope that every student comes for the 10 days that are available.  Which year group can be the best for attendance?  Y10 were in the lead yesterday!  Y8 today.  

Thank you to everyone for being supportive of one another. Have a good week and take care.

Tina Smith



Posted 19th November 2020

Headteacher's Update

Dear Students, Families, Staff and Community

20201107_144824I can’t believe it is mid-November already. I been the Headteacher for 2 years but have never felt prouder than now. As I write this, we are in the second national lock down, in a year that we will never forget. Attendance remains strong. Our community are supporting one another everyday and I could not wish to work with a better group of young people and staff.

Our Y11 students have sat their mock exams this half term, worked hard to revise and just got on with it! It has been the first time that they have been into the sports hall transformed as an exam hall and they have taken it in their stride. We don’t know what summer 2021 exams hold and therefore they have tried to do their very best in their mocks in case we need evidence of their abilities for the exam boards, as was the case with Y11 last year. Y13 have also got mocks next week, reviewing their work from Y12. I hope you all get the results you deserve as I know how hard you have tried.

One of the proudest moments for me was on Remembrance Sunday when 2 staff and 2 students represented the whole school in Keighley to lay a wreath for those who have lost their lives. Have a look at the photos attached to this article. The words the students wrote were so special and on behalf of the whole school we thank you. In school on Wednesday 11th November we had a two minute silence which was observed by all 1600 students and 250 staff in school. Everyone stopped what they were doing. The Last Post was played by Mrs Stansfield, maths teacher. It was very special. This linked to work that students had done in tutor time and through assembly to remember and mark this very important annual event.

P1130299-002On Friday 13th November we raised money for Children in Need and students wore non uniform on their bottom half and their school uniform on the top, donating to Children in Need as they came into school in the morning. We raised nearly £856.63. On the same day I presented the first 3 students of the year with their Headteacher Award for the number of positive stamps that they have gained since September – all 3 are in Y7. I am so proud of the 3 of you and I hope you enjoyed your muffins, drinks, rewards badge and lunchtime ‘jump the queue voucher!’ Who will be next? A photo is linked to this blog.

I have written some letters to individual students this term when I have heard what great things you have achieved. For one student raising money for a local charity, another some great Art work, and other student made a huge robot for his science project in his shed, and for some others, contributions to the community. Let me know who is doing amazing things so that I can write even more letters!

Thank you to the whole community for your ongoing support as we head towards the Christmas break. Keep working hard and keep smiling and looking after one another!

Tina Smith


Posted 23rd October 2020

Latest from the Headteacher

Dear all students, staff, families and community

I hope that this message finds you all well.  Just 7 weeks after school reopened for all, it is quite remarkable just what a fantastic community Beckfoot Oakbank is.  I would like to share with you some of the highlights.  

The way that our students and staff have got to grips with the new way of working in school has been excellent.  Life is not easy, but everyone has done their bit and more besides.  Students have studied the full subject range as we have kept the curriculum broad.  The Risk Assessment rules that are in place have been taken on board by everyone and both students and staff have shaped where tweaks have needed to be made.  Who would have thought that a face mask would become part of our daily equipment alongside our pencil cases and calculators?  This community has supported one another day in and day out with whatever has come our way.

I have loved seeing and reading about the work that our students are doing from home.  The Robot made by a student in Y8 and the English folder of work by a Y11 student both really stick in my mind.  It is great that we have been able to start bringing extra-curricular activities back in recent weeks lead by the PE department.  The celebration assemblies during this last week of term show just how well our Year Teams and their Form Tutors know the students with lots of prizes awarded.  

Our new Year 7s feel like they have always been with us and have done so well at settling in and making Beckfoot Oakbank their home.  You have had a great half term.  Y7, 8 and 9 have completed some assessments to ensure that we know what they do know and what they don't in order for us to catch them up quickly.  Y11 are preparing for their mock exams after half term and we all wish them well.

The virtual opening evening and the Transition sessions for current Y6s have been there to allow the wider community to see a little bit of our school remotely.  If you haven't already done so have a look at the website.  Next half term we will have our sixth form open evening (virtual of course) and we hope that you can take some time to find out about us.  Our sixth form results are, for a number of years running, some of the best in the area.  The Local School Committee has had its first meeting and I am thrilled that we have a full complement of representatives from our families and the community.  Next term we will be starting our Family Engagement Group and are looking forward to meeting and working with some of you, even if remotely.

And so, we look ahead to another half term.  I have never felt as proud to be the Headteacher of this great school.  What a community.  Enjoy the half term holiday. 

Best wishes,

Tina Smith, Headteacher

October 2020


Posted 4th September 2020

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone!

I am so pleased that at last we can welcome all of our students and our staff back into school. I cannot believe that on the 20th March we all saw each other for the last time and now, nearly 6 months later we are coming back together. We have really missed you all, school is not school without you. During your induction week you will have time to reflect on this period and you will have lots of support should you need it. It is also a time to now look forward, roll your sleeves up and get stuck into the term ahead! We all have a lot of catching up to do!

I would love to welcome all of our new Y7 students and new Y12 students who start with us this week as well as the new staff. You are coming to a great school and you will make lots of new friends and learn loads along the way. You will be well looked after by the great staff that we have here at Beckfoot Oakbank. If you are unsure or get lost just ask! Over the summer we have also said goodbye to our Y13 students who have left with some great results. Nearly 70 of them have got a place at University, others have secured employment. We are so proud of you all. Our Y11s also left us and secured their exam results with their hard work being recognized. Many are returning into our sixth form, others going to college or starting an apprenticeship. We wish them all well on their next steps.

And so, to the term ahead. We all have very high expectations of you. Part of our strategic vision is to ensure that 'No Child is left behind'. Work hard, come to school every day on time and looking smart, be organised, listen to what your teachers teach you, seize every opportunity in school, complete all home learning to a high standard, aim to be the next ones to get to those top Universities or be the best version of yourself that you can be. Wipe the slate clean, make no excuses and let's do this! Have a great year Beckfoot Oakbank.


Posted 1st April 2020

Latest from the Headteacher

I hope that you are all ok in these very different and difficult times that we are all faced with. The health and welfare of each and every one of you is the most important thing and if there is anything that we can do as a school please do contact us on the school email. The Year Teams and others have done a great job of contacting many of our students and are having daily or weekly ‘check ins’ with them. This will continue of course throughout this time.

I have been humbled by the many lovely emails that I have had either from our students or our families or our staff offering to volunteer. You are all amazing and your kind messages at this time mean a lot. In school too, the students have been great. When there was spare food left over at the end of our first day the staff and students in school agreed that we should give this back to our local community in times of need and so our Youth Working team have been helping to distribute this. I am sure that our students we be glad that we have done this. You will notice the picture of our students in a science lesson attached to this Blog. They are all wearing safety goggles. As a school we have now donated all of the safety goggles and masks to Bradford Royal Infirmary to help in the protection of NHS workers.

School is open over the Easter holidays for 2 weeks for our Key Worker families and those most vulnerable. I cannot tell you how many staff have agreed to support this. It says a lot about our community.

Thank you to all our students who are working from home. Thank you too to families who are encouraging them! I would like to ask something of you. Please can you select one or two pieces of work that you have done that has made you feel proud. It might be a book review that you have written, part of a history exam paper, your geography around the world guide, or you doing your PE work out each day! Some of you have done additional things too for your family like decorating or doing the garden. Whatever it is that has made you feel proud in the 2 weeks that we have been closed so far, please can you email it to us or send in a picture so that we can share them on the school website. Email

Teachers and other staff are all at home looking after their families too. They are doing a fabulous job either coming into school on a rota or ‘working’ from home as best they can in the circumstances. Work is being set on Class Charts and you have all of the resources that we gave you when we closed, or posted to you if you weren’t in. Only one of you in Y7-9 has completed all of the work set so far on MyMaths – keep going! In these circumstances it is impossible for your work to get marked, but learning is so important and it must still continue. You are doing it for you and for your future. If you have done a great piece email it to us.

After the Easter holidays please look out on Class Charts for your daily work. If you can’t access it then please do email the email address above and we can help. Mrs Walsh tells me that Y10 have been on GCSEPod loads – 92% of you in fact! Keep going as what we know for sure is that your exams will take place in a year’s time. Y11 and Y13 you should still be learning. You have to be the best version of yourself for September when you are starting University, College, Sixth Form or Apprentice courses. You can’t afford to not be doing anything.

We are updating the website daily so take a look in the ‘Learning from Home’ section and see what is new.

Take care.